May 8, 2015: Congrats to my fellow Fungi Jesse Day, who delivered his exit seminar today. Here is his audience (I'm in the 5th row, third from the left, excited to hear about monsoons!):

May 5, 2015: I presented a poster at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science Science Faire today titled "Unprecedented Observations of CO2 from Space," and talked to all sorts of data-minded people about the new satellite and what I'm doing with its measurements. 

February, 2015: I returned to my former stomping grounds at Caltech to attend the OCO-2 Science Team Meeting. It's so exciting to be part of this project! It was also great to be in the company of a number of current and past mentors and friends -- Circled faces from left to right: Gretchen Keppel Aleks, who I knew when she was a graduate student at Caltech and is now a hotshot professor at the University of Michigan, Mitchio Okumura, who taught me physical chemistry at Caltech, me, my current adviser Inez Fung, Rob Rosenberg, who was in my graduating class at Caltech, and lastly Paul Wennberg, who was my academic and research adviser at Caltech and taught me everything I know about atmospheric chemistry. 

September, 2014: I spent a week in Trieste, Italy at the International Center for Theoretical Physics learning about data assimilation for biogeochemical models and hanging out with a bunch of European scientists. I also presented a poster here on joint weather-CO2 data assimilation and surface flux inversion. Our view of the Adriatic Sea from the workshop venue was very nice:

July 2, 2014: OCO-2 launched successfully! Inez and I (and other OCO-2 Science Team members and affiliates) watched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, but couldn't see anything due to hazy conditions.

May 16, 2014: Passed my qualifying exam on my 25th birthday!

February, 2014: I presented a poster "A top-down estimate of Amazon region carbon flux" at the Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center (BASC)'s symposium.

December, 2013: This was my first time presenting at AGU. I presented a poster titled "Global CO2 surface fluxes calculated from a carbon data assimilation system." Here I am with my adviser, Inez Fung, and our collaborator Junjie Liu: